July 2014

How to sleep better – 10 Tips for the frequent traveller

Adequate sleep is essential to maintain normal energy and mood levels throughout the day and has a profound effect on one’s ability to function both physically and mentally. Sticking to a healthy sleep schedule can be a challenge for many considering different time zones and beds of varying sizes and consistencies. Here are some tips...
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powerless electronic device banned

UK follows US – powerless electronic devices banned from flights

Airline passengers entering and leaving the UK on potentially any routes, including transatlantic ones and those connecting with mainland Europe, will be expected to be show that electronic devices in their hand luggage can be powered up, British authorities announced Tuesday in a tightening of aviation security. [space height=10] In response to warnings of a...
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Salomi Joerdens – Kgalagadi Transfortier Park, Mei 2014

Ek was bevoorreg om hierdie jaar weer my siel te kon vind tussen die rooi sandduine van die Kalahari.  Hierdie plek steel my hart elke keer as ek teruggaan.  Ek is doodeenvoudig net verlief…   Donderdag 15 Mei slaap ons oor by hartsvriende in Vredendal en begin en eindig sommer die kuier met lekker lag....
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America bans uncharged electronics on airplanes

The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has decided not to allow mobile phones or other electronic devices on US-bound planes at some overseas airports if the devices are not charged. Some reports confirmed that smartphones, particularly iPhones and Samsung’s Galaxy Android phones will be singled out and inspected As part of the increased scrutiny at...
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