November 2016

Yolanda Barkhuizen – Avalon River Cruise 2016

FROM PRECIOUS PRAGUE TO PARISIAN PASSION… River cruising – What an amazing way to experience a destination. Precious towns with a bit of passion – this is exactly how I would describe my Avalon cruise. We started with pre-accommodation in Prague, cruised from Nuremburg to Remich and ended off with post accommodation in Paris. It...
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Mireille Kearns – Seychelles Visit 2016

      I had the privilege of visiting Seychelles in October 2016 and what an experience!  Situated in the Indian Ocean and consisting of 115 islands, Seychelles is a nature lover’s paradise. It felt like stepping into a different world abundant in white sandy beaches, clear blue waters and calming green forests.  Beauty that really left me...
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Tips for preventing jet lag

Eight tips for preventing jet lag    Flying across time zones confuses your body  which can cause insomnia, poor concentration and even digestive problems. While there’s no way to completely beat jet lag, here are several things you can do to ease the discomfort. Adjust your internal clock. Several days before departure, start shifting your...
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