July 2020


Iceland has come up with a rather unusual solution to help alleviate some of the stress by asking people all around the world to record their screams of frustration online. The idea is then to release them into some of its most remote locations via huge speakers. It sounds strange but the initiative is...
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XL Boland Travel can assist with repatriation flights operated by various airlines. Currently there are flights available on the dates below. To book and assist with any of these flights as well as any connecting flights please give us a call on 021 872 1581 or email PLEASE NOTE: It is the responsibility of...
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What is happening in the World around us?

England: From 10 July, travelers from more than 59 countries including France, Spain, Germany and Italy will no longer have to quarantine for two weeks when they enter England. This also means that British visitors to these countries will not have to go into quarantine when they arrive back in the UK. South Africans will...
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