7 Things to do in 'the desert'…

what to do in hte desert namibia 2

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7 things to do in ‘the desert’

  1. Dune safari

It would be difficult to imagine a more appropriate introduction to the beauty of the Namib Naukluft Park than through a tour of Sandwich Harbour. Photo Ventures Namibia offers travellers the opportunity to explore the desert by four-wheel drive. An experienced and highly knowledgeable guide narrates the history of the desert, peppered with fun anecdotes about the flora and fauna that call it home while guests are treated to thrilling races up and down the dunes. Delicious snacks are served atop the dunes, which offer incredible views of the rolling hills of sand that descend into the vast blue ocean beyond. The more adventurous can also try sand boarding in a race down the desert hillswhat to do in hte desert namibia 2.

  1. Cruise with dolphins and seals    

For those who appreciate the finer things in life, a catamaran cruise from the Walvis Bay Yacht Club with Catamaran Charters is a good choice. Prepare to welcome a variety of fun characters aboard in the form of the resident pelicans and seals, which guests have the opportunity to interact with and feed. Dolphins can also be spotted frolicking alongside the catamaran while the vessel’s skilled guide provides engaging commentary on the region’s marine life and visible landmarks. When passengers grow tired of snapping away at the scenery they can relax below deck with oysters (Walvis Bay is famous for its incredible oysters) and champagne.
Meet a variety of marine characters on a catamaran cruise in Walvis Bay.

  1. Dinner in the desert    

Ideal for those extra-special evening events, a celebration in the desert is tough to beat. Event planners have the opportunity to surprise guests, driving them out to a dinner set up under the stars, illuminated only by the moon and surrounding lanterns. Special touches like a bonfire and blankets ensure that guests remain comfortable and warm while they breathe in the incredibly still and peaceful night-time atmosphere. Specialist outdoor caterers are able to provide a delicious three-course buffet – impressive when one considers that you are literally dining in the middle of a desert.
what to do in hte desert namibia 2

  1. Desert quad biking

If your aim is to get some adrenalin pumping while getting up close and personal with the desert, consider quad biking with Desert Explorers. Both experienced bikers and complete novices are able to enjoy this thrilling exploration of the desert. Riders are given a choice of an easier more scenic pace or a more adventurous race through the dunes. A guide is provided to take riders out into the endless sea of sand where they can have fun shooting up to the top of the dunes and careening back down again.
Thrill seekers can enjoy racing through the desert dunes.
what to do in hte desert namibia 2

  1. The Brauhaus   

A quaint town with significant German heritage, Swakopmund has retained much of its European charm. The seaside town’s Germanic influence is perhaps best captured by the Swakopmund Brauhaus, which offers a full range of traditional German favourites – some which South Africans would know well and others which provide the opportunity to try something new. Decorated in typical Bavarian style and adorned with flags from across the world, the restaurant provides a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

  1. Tug Restaurant

Well-known among Namibian locals for its great food and spectacular scenery, the Tug Restaurant is another must for travellers who appreciate fine cuisine. Guests can take advantage of seating that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean while they choose from the restaurant’s wide menu. Interestingly, the bar area was transformed from an actual tug boat.
Enjoy the finer things at the Tug Restaraunt like fresh lobster. Photo by Tug Restaraunt

  1. Living Desert Tour

At first glance there appears to be little that moves or breathes in the desert. But just beneath the surface of the sand the dunes are alive with activity. Tommy’s Living Desert Tour is renowned in Namibia – and it’s easy to see why. Namibia’s very own desert guru, ‘Oom Tommy’, bolts up and down the desert dunes in an interactive exploration of the region’s wildlife. Using small signs that are completely hidden to the untrained eye, he uncovers a range of unusual species, including chameleons, desert spiders and colourful geckos and lizards. The desert sidewinder (Peringuey’s Adder) is also a common sighting on the tour.
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