Air Sickness…Cure and prevention when you travel



Here are a few tips to prevent being airsick when you travel…

Get a good night’s rest,
drink lots of water,
avoid fatty foods for a couple days (as well as lots of alcohol)
if possible sit in first or business class, where there is less movement of the plane.

Unfortunately this is not always possible so we have some more suggestions for the day before departure

Herbs and spices
Ginger, mint, or peppermint.
Eat ginger candy as soon as you begin to feel airsick.  If ginger candy is not easy accessible, ginger ale is another good option, and it will more than likely be available on the plane.
Mint or peppermint tea may help to reduce nausea—and it’s really easy to fit tea bags into your carry-on – just ask the flight attendant for hot water

What causes airsickness?

This happens when the body senses that you’re moving but the input from your eyes make your brain think that you’re not.
The moment you start to feel quesy, stand up and walk to the bathroom.
Reading and using electronic devices increase your chance of getting airsick. Rather focus on the horizon rather than a static point in front of you.
If all else fails…motion sickness medications exist!
Plan your trip and hopefully, some of these hints and tips will help you on your next flight