How to Avoid lost luggage


  • 29.4 million luggage items were lost/stolen last year alone

  • Rather travel with one bag than two

  • Avoid the favourite soft-sided black bag on wheels –it’s all too easy  to pick it up by mistake. If you can’t live without black, tie some bright ribbons to the handle  or use  a coloured strap.

  • Some airports offer a baggage wrapping service for extra security.  Put your contact details on the outside and inside of the bag, though leave off your home address for obvious security reasons

  • Take a photo of your packed bag and store it on your phone or camera.  This could help airline staff identify it when the situation occurs

  • Remove all the old airline tags from your bag before you travel agin. At check-in, watch airline staff carefully to make sure they attach the correct destination tags to your bag, and that you have the right number of baggage receipts given to you. Keep these safe  until your trip is over.

  • Avoid checking in at the last minute – although you may still be on time to make the plane it is possible that your luggage won’t. If you have connecting flights, make sure you have more than enough time as your baggage may not get loaded on the changeover.

  • If your bags are a no-show please inform an airline attendant immediately

  • Before leaving the attendant’s desk, make sure to confirm how your baggage will be returned.

  • Ask about immediate compensation  for emergency supplies. Some airlines give you cash, others will have a reimbursement plan to cover your necessities – always remember to keep receipts.

  • Ever wondered where unclaimed lost bags end up?

    At auction houses and unclaimed baggage stores!