Downtown Dubai to feature driverless cars for tourists

The driver-less vehicles that were first seen in Dubai earlier this year at the second Mena Transport Congress and Exhibition are to be rolled out in Downtown.

The box-like vehicles ran exhibitors between sites on a very short pre-programmed route, carrying up to 10 passengers at one time.

So successful and popular were the little pods, that Emaar Properties will now use them on a 700 meter track around the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard.

Built around a high-tech sensor system, the cars are fitted with a number of safety features in line with traditional automobiles. They are considered to be the first phase of a campaign to have 25 per cent of journeys in Dubai to be ‘driverless’ by 2030

These particular vehicles are named EZ10.


Future technologies are hot topic in the UAE right now, with the likes of Hyperloop being heavily linked with a launch in the region in the next few years, as well as a number of other ‘smart’ concepts.