Driving the Garden Route

Covering more than 200km of coastline between Mossel Bay and Plettenberg Bay, the Garden Route is the ideal local holiday destination.

This idyllic self-drive route is one of the richest plant kingdoms in the world. The route starts in Mossel bay, and ends at Tsitsikamma National Park. Spring time is the perfect time to follow this route. The prolific small springtime flowers blossoming along the road perfectly complements the scenery. The route also boasts indigenous forests and picturesque towns, leaving tourists with more than enough eye candy.

Deviating inland, tourists will find vineyards, nature reserves and a variety of interesting museums. The springtime provides tourists with the perfect weather to savor these outdoor experiences. There are several alluring destinations along the Garden Route for tourists to stop and stare at.

The route officially starts in Mossel Bay. This quaint and cozy town is filled to the brim with tourist attractions. Travelling further along the coast, between George and Knysna, tourists will find Wilderness. This small town is known for its crown jewel, the Wilderness National Park. This park features various zones of indigenous forest, as well as several lakes and winding waterways. Visiting this park in the spring is a sight to behold, the magnitude of all the colourful flowers is breath-taking.

Located in the middle of the route, Knysna is the perfect place to take a break from all the driving. Knysna offers an array of popular tourist attractions, including the magnificent Knysna Elephant Park. Tourists will find luxurious accommodation here, and might even stay a little longer than planned.

Visitors planning on driving this scenic route should set aside a week to complete the drive at a leisurely pace. For the perfect holiday, finish the Garden Route, and then spend a few nights relaxing in a safari lodge in the Eastern Cape.