Hermanus: Seaside Serenity

Sitting on the South coast alongside the Western Cape, where the Atlantic Ocean crashes on the doorstep of locals and tourists alike, Hermanus is known worldwide as the whale-watching capital. While it is a quaint little town, Hermanus is overflowing with idyllic scenery, beautiful breezy beaches and benevolent locals.  

Bordered by the Kleinriver Mountain Range, this humbling natural wonder is only one of the many bewitching experiences Hermanus holds. These mountains let you hike, cycle and run, among breath-taking backdrops. Moving more towards the coast, whales and white sharks are also to be seen. These majestic creatures are equally astonishing as they are terrifying, truly a sight to behold. 
As the summer slowly approaches, Hermanus also invites you to its pleasant beaches. Slowly bake in the sun, or participate in adrenaline-pumping water sports, with every beach offering a little something different for everyone.  

Of course, Hermanus is known for its famed whale-watching. Home of the famous whale crier, who eagerly blows his horn when whales can be spotted off the coast. The whales’ antics are appreciated by tourists and locals alike, watching from the shore or getting up close and personal in boats. 

Hermanus is also home to the Fernkloof Nature Reserve, occupying the mountain range that overlooks the town, this reserve is home to beautiful forests and fynbos. Fernkloof is actually acclaimed for having the most variety of fauna and flora in such close proximity, on Earth. The wide array of animals who inhabit this reserve include mongooses, baboons, rheboks and porcupines.   

Nearby attractions include: 

  • The Whale Museum 
  • The Cliff Path 
  • Wine tasting 
  • Visit the abagold Abalone farm