How to pack like a pro…

There is a fine art to packing and to know how to fit in all the essentials while saving space for the treasures you pick up on the way.
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Here are some top tips:

  • It doesn’t matter which way you pack your clothes, as long as there is a little space left in your case and it’s not packed too tightly.  Try and squeeze socks and underwear inside shoes or around bulkier items
  • Use plastic sealable bags instead of toiletry bags to save space.  Remember that most hotels provide soap and shampoo so don’t waste precious packing space with massive bottles
  • Wear your heaviest clothes on the plane.  This will save space and width in your bags – especially heavy shoes
  • Mix and match clothing to pack less
  • Pack largest and bulkiest items first and fill in any empty space around them before layering clothes on top – press down as you go to remove the air
  • Don’t bring too much clothes – you can always wash your clothes during your trip or buy more

Happy travelling!!!

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