Karafuu Village Beach Resort: Exotic Getaway

Located in Pingwe, on the Eastern Coast of Zanzibar, Karafuu is one of the oldest hotels in the area. Throughout the tides of time, families and couples all around the world have come to enjoy all that this beautiful inn has to offer.  

Tourists are welcomed to the hotel with scented towels and a tall glass of hibiscus juice, leaving you with a sweet aftertaste as you take in all the sights. The huge main lobby is blanketed by a thatched roof, truly making you feel like you are in Zanzibar. Things take a turn for the luxurious the further you move through the premise, with Persian rugs lining the foyers and golden chandeliers glistening and gleaming. 

Pingwe’s coastal beaches are one of its main attractions. The windswept white sands invite tourists to leisurely gaze at the open blue waters, surrounded by tropical trees slowly waving to the island’s relaxed rhythm.  

Exploring the island’s water is an exhilarating experience, but due to the dramatic tide schedule, the waters aren’t always suitable to venture. Although, when the odds are in your favour, the island has a plethora of aquatic activities, including boat rides and water sports.