Keep you kids busy!

kids in car

Keeping Your Kids busy and entertained in the carĀ 


If you dread hearing those four horrible words – “Are we there yet?” – read on.


We have a few tips on how to keep your kids entertained when travelling.

  • Make Bingo sheets before travelling to include some things you may see on your journey. For example, a petrol station, a speed sign, birds, a red car, a plane, a troop of monkeys etc.

  • Use technology to your advantage. Load their favourite movies on a tablet, Game Boy, PSP, or portable DVD player. If you travel a lot you may even want to consider installing DVD players in the seats.

  • Penalise them for naughty behaviour. In the beginning of the journey give each child about 20 R1 coins. Then set the rules – e.g. no fighting, complaining, asking “are we there yet”, fogging the window etc. For every offense, collect a coin. The child with the most money at the end of the trip wins it all.

  • Give them each an iPod or MP3 player with their favourite books being read aloud. You can download or buy some online.

  • Download some new games from the app store and keep your tablet’s charger handy.

  • Have them take photos of the moving scenery and award a prize for the best photo when you arrive at your destination. For example, Jimmy wins best “running tree” and Suzie wins for best “marshmallow cloud formation”.

  • Play “I Spy” – it’s timeless!