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Complete your profile

Add other email addresses and manage your notification settings from your TripCase profile. Login from a desktop to access your profile page.

Add a trip your way

Auto-import: If you booked through a TripCase affiliate, lucky you! Your trip details will already be in your TripCase account.
Forward your email: Forward your confirmation emails to and we’ll do the work for you.
Add your own details: Add a new trip from the mobile app or website. Once you are logged in, you will see the option to create a trip. From there TripCase walks you through a few easy steps.

Add items to your trip

Forward confirmation emails to to include additional reservations, such as events tickets or car rentals. We will input all the details for you.
You can also use the website or mobile app to add the details yourself.

Share your trip with others

Keep others updated on your trip – all you need is their email address. When you share your entire itinerary or arrival updates with someone, we’ll automatically keep them updated on your trip, so you don’t have to.
Your follower can even see your trip in their TripCase account when you select “Share Itinerary.” Be sure to choose “Always Share” to keep important contacts informed for all trips.



Find helpful information in Tripfeed

View relevant messages in the Tripfeed to help you travel smarter or discover something new. These messages relate to specific segments of your trip, from airline check in opportunities to company travel policies.


Remember places along the way

As you travel, you are bound to discover cool restaurants, shops and more. Remember these new favorite spots by choosing the + icon at the bottom of your screen. In just two clicks your discovery is added to your itinerary for future reference.

Save time with useful travel tools

See a quick snapshot of your itinerary by switching to Timeline View, request a ride, check the weather, or search alternate flights. Below your trip details you will always find tools to help you through your current segment of a trip.


Access important travel documents

If you made a booking through one of our many TripCase affiliates, you will have access to your latest travel documents within the app. Just look for a message in the Tripfeed to get to the documents you need.