Yolanda Barkhuizen – Avalon River Cruise 2016


River cruising – What an amazing way to experience a destination. Precious towns with a bit of passion – this is exactly how I would describe my Avalon cruise.


We started with pre-accommodation in Prague, cruised from Nuremburg to Remich and ended off with post accommodation in Paris.

It was my first time on a river cruise and I did not know what to expect. I realised within an hour of being on the ship that it is an incredible way to experience a destination and at the same time doing it in a very stylish and relaxing way.


I honestly feel that everyone has to experience good food, hassle-free travel and first class excursions at least once in their lifetime (AKA Avalon cruise).

River cruising is a very easy and care-free way to travel. You unpack once but see a different place every day. When you have your pre and post hotels and arrangements booked with Avalon, the transfer from the hotel to the port is included. I will definitely recommend this as everything is taken care of and you can then just enjoy every moment without worrying where to be at what time.


The food on board my Avalon cruise was definitely what I would describe as 5 star. The best approach with the food would be to live by this quote:  ‘Vacation calories don’t count! ‘
Besides the normal breakfast, lunch and dinner options, you can also select to have special Bistro dinners and Grilled lunches.  These you have to book on board in advance as they only have a limited number of people that they can accommodate. This is something that I will highly recommend.  Dinners are paired with local wines – depending on the route – and it just makes the experience so much more special.


Excursions play a big part in the overall enjoyment of any vacation.  We not only go on holiday to take a break and get away from everyday life but also to experience the destination.   The excursions we did were absolutely amazing!  Specialized and local guides with first-hand knowledge of the particular destination is there to guide you and share with you interesting stories and all you need to know and more.

With a guided walk almost every day, it is very important that everything runs smoothly. We never once had any problems with the audio equipment and always had perfect sound.


Last but not least, I think a river cruise is a great way to make new friends.  Most of the excursions are included but there are also other paid for excursions that you can do.  This still leaves you with more than enough time to relax and get to know your fellow shipmates. The evening entertainment is very relaxed and allows the perfect setting to have good conversations while either listening to the pianist or one of the guest performing artists.

There are many different ways to experience a country, but doing a river cruise on your bucket list is a must and an experience you will cherish for life!